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Passionate About Inspiring Others

To fulfill your divine destiny, I believe that God has given you unique experiences, passions, gifts, and talents so that you can influence your world for the better. I also believe that through discernment and with encouragement, training, and mentoring, you can be an instrument of change as you walk confidently into those places that God has ordained for you to lead. 


Streams in the Wasteland Leadership Institute was birthed out of my God-given passion to help people reach their full potential as extraordinary leaders who uplift communities and heal brokenness in our world.  Today, more than ever, we need innovative women and men of integrity who are willing to step forward courageously and take up the mantle of change. We need individuals with vision and boldness to transform the deserts and wastelands of our society into meadows of justice, pastures of peace, and oases of love. 

Training at the Institute is built upon a foundation of solidly researched leadership theory that uniquely incorporates spiritual formation to shape one's core values, and access to coaching and mentoring by experienced leaders to help guide participants in their discernment process. With over twenty years of management consulting experience, I have worked with leaders and executives across a broad spectrum of organizations to achieve their organizational goals. Let me help you today not only achieve goals but also ignite your passion and visions for how you can change the world. 

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